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Sunday, May 8, 2011

{ Dear Abigail } -- Mother's Day

My precious Abigail,

Wow... where did the last 20 days go?!  You came into my life just over two weeks ago and I cannot imagine life without you now.  It's amazing how intensely I love you already.  You are such a blessing and you've given me one of the most important roles I may ever receive, your momma.  Your precious smiles warm my heart and I could literally stare at you for hours when you're peacefully napping.  I also love to cuddle you and will take every opportunity to kiss the sugar from your cheeks.  You've quickly become the apple of your daddy's eye and you love to snuggle high on his chest next to his heart.  You have become the spotlight of your Granny and Dougie Doo's life and they cannot make it through the week without seeing you several times.  Dougie Doo is already working your muscles giving you a baby workout each time he sees you and Granny is literally your biggest fan.  And then there is your big sister, Emma.  To say that she adores you is definitely an understatement.  She'll take every opportunity to help you and she too loves to kiss you every chance she gets.  Let's just say you are one lucky little girl. 

You are such a blessing and I am so thankful to be your Momma.  Today I celebrated my first Mother's Day with you as my daughter and it was such a special day! No gifts or flowers were needed... you were the greatest gift of all.  After a long day, I am basking in the love I receive from you as we snuggle together and I can hardly wait to see what the future holds for us .... but please don't grow up too fast :)

Your Momma

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Surprising Blessing {Our Adoption Journey}

It's amazing the unsuspecting paths our lives can take.  No matter how well we plan, no matter what we have scheduled on our calendar, it is sometimes the unexpected forks in the road that bring us the most joy.  Our lives as a family of three could soon become four and we couldn't feel more blessed with this opportunity.  Just over a month ago we were contacted by our dear friend and attorney to notify us of an birth mother who was seeking an adoptive family for her unborn child.  Talk about being caught off guard! We've always dreamt of the day we'd bring a new baby into our home but we honestly weren't sure that God had that card in our deck.  So our journey began on January 12th after receiving the exciting news that we'd been selected by the birth mom as the future adoptive parents of her beautiful baby girl due April 23rd.  Since that day, I've attended numerous doctors appointments with the birth mother, hearing the wonderful fast paced heartbeat, and developing the connection with the birth mother.  The excitement continued to build when we saw our beautiful baby girl during the ultrasound.... already full of attitude and not willing to show her face for pictures :)  The nursery is ready, and I must say I think it's beautiful.  The morning sun shining in the room makes me smile and I can hardly wait for our baby girl to call it home.  Big Sister E can hardly wait! She's counting down the days until her dream comes true and she officially becomes the big sister who will be oh so very helpful!!!!  So, now we wait until we're graced with the beautiful blessing of our little girl and we ask that you join us in prayer.  We pray that our baby is born healthy and that our prayers are answered when we bring her home in April! 

And before you ask, yes, we've finally agreed on a name!  But, we aren't sharing until she's finally in our arms! So, to keep you guessing.... start thinking of 7 letter names :) 

Stay tuned for future updates and nursery photos!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Two Birthdays

What an excellent day for my first blog entry! Today will serve as the birthday of my blog, Polka Dots & Princess Crowns and it just happens to also be my hubby's birthday! Hubby turned 32 today.... yep.. he's officially old!  In celebration of his birthday I made his favorite cake, German Chocolate Cake, from scratch.   My mile-high cake of ooey-gooey deliciousness with a double batch of coconut pecan frosting certainly hi the spot!

Blogging is something fairly new to me.  I slowly began following several blogs about a year ago and now I can't wait to get home to see the new posts for the day!  I've spent hours upon hours gathering inspiration, new projects and swooning over all the extremely talented women and their great blogs.  I wish I were that talented. Polka Dots & Princess Crowns will be filled with updates of my most recent craft projects, baking and baking and more baking, and pictures of my favorite people as we experience all of the little sparkles in life!

 So, I'll leave you with a photo of the deliciousness.... I think that I'll have some for breakfast, lunch and dinner!!